HOME is family of restaurant that has been serving guests excellent and authentic Vietnamese food for years. Following the success of its first HOME in Hanoi, Viet Deli opened HOME Hoi An, HOME Finest in Ho Chi Minh, in 2018, the group welcomed its newest member: HOME Moc Hanoi.

HOME restaurants are located in the centre of each city allowing you to discover all the beauty of the locals and their culture, while conveniently fitting your sightseeing schedule. We are fortunate to have found some of the best-maintained and most glamorous villas in each city. Each villa was carefully restored and redecorated, paying homage to the building and the city’s architecture. As a result, each of our locations is absolutely unique – from HOME Moc, a design concept relying mostly on wood, to HOME Finest, which features a delightfully contemporary architecture. You will be able to experience the connection among all the HOME restaurants – with a familiar yet different feeling once you step into each of the restaurants.

HOME is a member of the Viet Deli family, delivering authentic Vietnamese experiences in the following locations:


Vietnamese cuisine has recently emerged across the world after being overshadowed for years by our neighbours. Vietnam is a proud nation, and we are also proud of our culture and cuisine. We are devoted to spreading the word about our country’s cuisine and giving people from all over the world an authentic Vietnamese gastronomic experience.

By using traditional Vietnamese recipes that have been created and evolved in family kitchens and street eateries and passed down through the generations, our experienced chefs have mastered them to perfection and made sure each dish that comes out of the kitchen not only maintains our high standards, but represents the proud culinary culture of Vietnam.